Moonset Kingdom is a multidisciplinary studio based in Berlin and operating as far as the mind and body can go.

Carried by the idea that we live in a state of constant change, our intervention focuses on the process rather than the result, the journey rather than the goal, the energy rather than the matter.

In order to adapt we have to engage in a dialogue within ourselves and towards the outer world, our environment, and our existence as connected human beings sharing a single planet.

Every instant our reality is facing new challenges, inviting us to question our beliefs and ground our strongest values, so that we can keep on growing as individuals in all our diversity as well as our unicity.

Behind this initiative is one soul, enriched by multiple networks and friendships, and nourished by a never-ending curiosity.

Born and raised in Paris, Julie Mons Catoni grew up in an artistic and intellectual cluster from which she developed an early sensibility and unique vision, with a strong poetical language, leading her to the ambition of inventing imaginary places as a life work.


Through initiatory travels which opened her mind to a new range of possibilities she also got in touch with a deep lust for adventure and a strong connection to humanity, leaving her to feel insignificantly small and incredibly strong at the same time.

After nearly a decade in the entertainment industry she followed her instinct on a new journey by moving to Berlin and embracing a brand-new white canvas and write a different story for herself.

By exploring new paths, she gained useful skills in communication, project building, mind body connection, cocktail mixing, community living and slow pace rhythm.

From this eclectic background flourished a desire to engage more with a different vision for the world, one in which we can all actively enroll to inspire meaningful changes as a community.

By focusing on the energy that binds us all together and applying to create more connections in the time and space we live in, she thrives to reinvent a constant and natural flow embedded in every new intention and physical manifestation she invest herself in.