Our vision is out of space
Our language is poetic
Our style is aerial and fun
Our wish is to bring fantasy and magic into the world


Looking for beauty in the unusual and unexpected
Inspire new habits and improved ways of existing
Respect and enhance our living environment
Embracing what is already there and sublime it


What is Moonset Kingdom :

An entity collaborating with multiple associates such as

Bachstelzen / GroB / Vintagency / WOAK / Space Factory

What is it aiming for :

Introducing the creative possibilities of scenography into the everyday world

Who is it for :

Anybody that wishes to bring fantasy and onirism into his/her space.

Who is behind it :
A nebulous of talents graviting around a

Where is the name coming from :

Inspired by the Wes Anderson’s movie(s), it is a tribute to the ludacrous atmosphere that inhabits his creations.

Moon :
Set :
Kingdom :


+49 176 63096501
Office : Sonnenallee 170A – 12059 Berlin Neukölln
Atelier : Currently nomadic