What we do


We give you an idea of what message is to be conveyed, to whom, and in what tone. We build a strategy that provides the path for creative energy and establish a plan of action


We provide a thorough research, documentation and referencing and we develop a fennel of ideas to reframe the concepts through a holistic approach


We deliver content for communication and clarity of ideas. By designing, defining, prototyping and story-telling we build the identity of your project


We craft the experience journey and provide the manpower and details that bring the projects to life in the physical dimension

How we do it

Who do we work with


Founded in Berlin in 2010 as an international creative collective, it strives to innovate, create adventures, design for function & support diversity of cultural expressions around the world.


DM Architectures is an architecture studio situated in Paris. Delphine Monnier architecte HMONP puts all her skills at your project's service in order to realise all your craziest dreams.


Marcela Donato is a multidisciplinary producer and consultant operating with vast experience in planning, conceptualizing and implementing works within the creative field.


We are a group of individuals from diverse backgrounds, who found each other. Together with Lake Wielkie, Bachstelzen and the Holzmarkt we are a group of dreamers and providers. We always wanted to create a land of dreams in a crazy paradise with a wholly unique crew that could grasp the vision.


Founded by Brice Delarue and Cédric Virassamy in 2010, it is a flexible project space creating connections between design, art and cutting-edge visual culture.


Senior freelancer art director & motion designer living in Berlin. After 15 years working in all kind of fields in visual medias, he came to the conclusion that everything in this world is either a potato, or not.


Space & Pepper is a collective that creates human-centric concepts for community- and shared spaces. Their superpower is to design spatial experiences that are highly functional and let people connect and thrive.


Whether it is production or writing, overseeing the logistics of a project or expressing and selling ideas, Maeva Caron uses the skills she learned from her various experiences to support creative personalities and carry out their artistic projects.


Since VINTAGENCY was founded in 2013, we have been assisting our customers in Berlin and throughout Germany with the furnishing of their premises. Mindful of quality and durability, we focus on vintage furniture

24 trentedeux

24 trentedeux is an independant communication and web agency that designs and develops websites. Created 8 years ago in Paris, we have decided to expand our activity to Germany and be part of this insanely creative city that is Berlin, which shines throughout Europe and even the world.

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